The Joy of an Apple Fritter


Today didn’t promise to be a good day.

Two days of late night parental driving duties kept me up way past my usual bedtime. Typically, I’m a 8 hour person.  A couple days on significantly less sleep leaves me feeling and looking like a zombie from World War Z.  Just yesterday, I fell asleep while waiting to perform one of my parental pick ups.  If it weren’t for a loud, unidentified noise ten minutes later, I’m sure that I would have left a child stranded at a neighbor’s house.

Work is another thing.  Just the other day, the company stock fell 10% because some analyst changed their recommendation from “buy” to “hold”.  Management is increasing the pressure to sell more products and services operating on the premise that I can make someone buy something they really don’t want.  And even when I do succeed, my actions are like trying to steer a ship to starboard by spitting over the port side (alas, if every one spit in the same directions, then we might have something).

And then, there are challenges biking to work.  I usually enjoy getting my heart rate up (after all, that’s what constitutes a good workout), but this morning a gardening truck parked at the bottom of a hill just after a blind turn sent my heart rate soaring.  Don’t worry, I dodged the hazard in the bike lane and made it safely to work.

Upon arriving at the office, I changed, grabbed my coffee cup, and walked down the long hall to the kitchen.  If there’s one thing that helps fight the fatigue, it’s filling the 16 ounce coffee mug. Walking through the kitchen door, I immediately spotted the plate of bagels and cream cheese, donuts, and fresh fruit. Maybe today would be okay.

Then I spotted it.  One apple fritter hidden among the breakfast foods — deep fried, golden brown, with glazed sugar seeping into every crevice.  I really think God created apple fritters just for me.  The blend of crispy sweet fritter washed down by a dark roast coffee is the perfect balance of flavors. Like the rat in Ratatouille, I just closed my eyes with the first bite and saw the brilliant colors of flavor bursting in the air.

You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me!
I sing for joy because of what you have done.
(Psalm 92:4 NLT)

While the joy of eating an apple fritter seems quite shallow, the sweet communion with God’s provision gently reminds me that someone is looking out for me.  I awoke to a loud noise.  I work with people are trying to spit in the same direction, and I rode to work safely.

Today will be a good day — it’s all a matter of perspective.


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