The Essay Contest

I knew I would win.  The prize, a new bike valued at up to $4,999, was promised to the winner of an essay contest.  I dreamed of adding my shiny new triathlon bike to my burgeoning bike collection, which currently consists of my road and commuter bikes. When I won, I’d own as many bikes as the rest of my family combined, but that’s not the point.  All I have to do to win is write a 150 word essay brimming with humor and insight.


When I proudly proclaim my expected bike prize to my wife, she immediately says, “we don’t have room in the garage.”  Then abruptly, she added.  “Yes, humorous and insightful, husband–go right ahead and write your essay.”  Somehow, I don’t think her definition of those words are the same as mine.  But it doesn’t matter.  I’m still going to win.

The contest web page states that submissions are due by April 8th with a winner determined by May 8th and announced at the beginning of June. On June 1st, I check the website — nothing posted.  On June 2nd, I check again, — nothing posted.  Each day, I check and each day nothing happens.  With my daily dose of disappointment also comes hope because the winner is not yet announced.  And, if someone else doesn’t win, then I haven’t lost (yet).

“What is faith? It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen.” (Heb 11:1 TLB).

Deep down inside, I’m beginning to doubt.  I fight the doubt by clinging to faith — after all, faith is confident assurance.  I must continue to believe!  After all, I have long history of winning random drawings like my polka dotted cycling jersey from MapMyRide.

photo 1

It’s August now, and I haven’t heard a thing.

Now September…still nothing…

October … silence.

Maybe what everyone says about faith is true.  The power of faith isn’t in the belief or confidence of what you hope.  The power of faith is in the object in which you place your trust.   After all, “assurance” implies that the object will be able to deliver what is promised.

While the website looks legitimate and the bikes look real, maybe the contest organizers aren’t.  Or maybe I am deluded in my humorous essay writing skills.

Either way, I think I’ve misplaced my trust.  Next time, I’ll consider the reliability of the giver (and my skills) before I enter a contest.

I checked the website today, and it no longer exists.

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One Response to The Essay Contest

  1. Alice says:

    I’ll give you a prize for this humorous and insightful blog post instead. You can have my former ’93 Bridgestone that I believe Anna still has in your garage. Congratulations! You deserved to win; this essay made me smile!

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