Christmas, Coffee, and Experience

Yesterday, I was reminded of something I always heard, but never heeded.  When brewing coffee in a French Press, there are temperature and timing requirements.

My first true exposure to coffee brewing was watching a friend carefully grind his beans, lovingly insert a thermometer in his water, and set a timer.  It seemed excessive.  I boil water, coarsely grind my beans (see, I did know something), pour the concoction in the French Press, and “press” — voila “coffee”.  But, my friend spoke a different language (the bloom, dissolution, diffusion), followed a different path, and got better results.

Yesterday’s conversation reminds me that I should try true coffee brewing for myself.  It’s time to heed what I’ve always heard. I have a wonderful Kona blend, a thermometer (thanks to my wife’s tea brewing experience), and my iPhone timer.

I coarsely grind my beans.  The water is at 205 degrees.  I wet the grinds for 30 seconds and experience the “bloom.”  Four minutes in the French Press, then “press” and pour.  Voila — coffee.

I confess.  I still don’t fully understand it (I didn’t do well in high school or college chemistry), but it works.  It’s better coffee.

So, when a group of shepherds meet an angelic being who announces the coming Messiah, I’m sure they didn’t understand it either.  They probably heard about the Messiah and faithfully practiced a their understanding of faith.  But hearing the spectacular announcement, they had to see it for themselves.  They travelled to Bethlehem, met the newborn Messiah, and were transformed (Luke 2:8-15).

Experience it.  Merry Christmas.

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