Thankful for the Rain

All morning I’ve listened to the pattering of my keyboard caused by  my fingers furiously pounding out a proposal.  I’m at 23 pages and still going.  This is why the company pays me; writing proposals, creating miracles on Excel spreadsheets, and magically predicting the future with statistical models.  So with a click-click-clack, I chase a business opportunity until my eyes blur (computer monitor), my wrists become sore (carpal tunnel), and my back aches (poor posture).  I keep reading that working at a computer is unhealthy.  I need a break.

On a good day, I’ll take running lunch — four or five miles followed by a hot shower and a sandwich at the desk.  The break renews my mind and rejuvenates my sore muscles.  But today is different.  It’s raining.

The rain is good. It refreshes the plants and replenishes the water supply (which is much needed in the drought-ridden west).  It washes the roads and cars (yes! my car will soon be clean).  But, it also locks me indoors keeping me from my lunch run.  I still need a break.

Suddenly the pattering turns into pounding.  It’s now a downpour with large drops pelting my office window and streams of water dancing down in the pane   Stopping, I uncoil my folded body, stand and turn to face the view.

I breathe deeply, stretch, and smile.  I’m not running today.

Instead, I thank God for the rain and remember that rest is vital to recovery.  Training needs moments of respite.  Striving is balanced by ceasing.  The rain is not only a gift to a parched city, but also a gift to my aching body.

After all, God grants rest to those He loves (Psalm 127:2).







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One Response to Thankful for the Rain

  1. Sunny says:

    Great post, Mark! It’s rainy in SC too! Have an awesome weekend and say hi to all my buddies at ITRON!

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