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The Expensive T-Shirt

It’s six days until the triathlon (Chula Vista Challenge – Olympic distance).  Under the bright blue noon sky, I head out on my last tune-up run.  The plan — an easy 3 or 4 miles to keep my legs sharp. … Continue reading

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Will I Ever See It Again?

The metric century ride boasts one epic climb, an 800 foot beast to a beautiful hilltop vista with ocean views. As my riding partner and I approach the base of the hill, we become excited at the prospect of a … Continue reading

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Three Attempts at the Millennium Trail

“Where do people run up here?”  With temperatures hovering below freezing, I’m surprised that I got an answer at all.  I am in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.  Like my trip to  Harrisburg (The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway), I am finishing … Continue reading

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Beyond My First Impression

Large, sprawling cities look like a mass of cement surrounded by a tangled web of highways and roads.  My arrival in Dallas did nothing to dispel this notation. Within minutes of landing, I rent a car and roam the web of highways and frontage … Continue reading

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Turning Around in Roseville

Every business trip creates an opportunity for a new scenic run. Unfortunately, an early sunset and a mild chest cold mean I plan on staying indoors on this trip to Roseville (that’s near Sacramento, California). Now, I’m back at the hotel just before 4PM because … Continue reading

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Better Than Running

Most people think business travel is glamorous — exotic places, fine dining, and airline status.  On these points, I agree.  I’ve been to Sydney, Amsterdam, and Orlando (if you’re a Disney fan, this too is exotic), eaten amazing meals, and taken … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Event

I owned a dog until the Unfortunate Event.  For ten years, I loved and trained my little girl. She came to me and my wife as a puppy, found on the street, and passed along to my home for adoption.  She looked … Continue reading

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