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Walleye is on the Menu

The last cold run of the season. Continue reading

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Another Kilroy?

Almost a year later, I return to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. (see my last visit – Finding Kilroy or a prior one – Rock and Rain DC).  The city is familiar to the point of being stale.  I know the subway … Continue reading

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Thankful for the Rain

All morning I’ve listened to the pattering of my keyboard caused by  my fingers furiously pounding out a proposal.  I’m at 23 pages and still going.  This is why the company pays me; writing proposals, creating miracles on Excel spreadsheets, and magically predicting … Continue reading

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My Summer in Heat

This may be it, the last heat wave of the year.  The red flag warning signals extreme heat and fire danger.  A normal person would turn on the air conditioning and call it a rest day. A sane fitness fanatic would … Continue reading

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My Best Chicago Half Marathon

The reality is that I’ll never “win” a race.  That is, I’ll never come in first.  For an age grouper, winning is something different — it’s redefining a podium finish to achieving the best you can offer.  It’s about goals and … Continue reading

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Finding Kilroy

I’m in Washington DC for business, but my real mission is to find Kilroy. Kilroy was here.  While the origins are disputed, the Kilroy graffiti is associated with American soldiers in WWII.  On this trip to Washington DC, my son sent … Continue reading

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Who Needs Sleep? My First Ragnar Race

I usually run alone squeezing  in workouts during lunch and whenever there’s downtime from the family.  After all, running is an individual sport.  But a Ragnar — that’s different. What is a Ragnar?  It’s a 12-person relay race covering almost … Continue reading

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